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Plan a Visit to Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful desert oasis of red wall canyons and ponderosa forests. Not only are you immersed in a diverse landscape of sand and sagebrush, but you can also enjoy the walkable sidewalks and stonework storefronts. Sedona is vibrant from the street to the trails!

Munds Park RV Resort is the perfect place to land while you explore the Sedona, Arizona area. From park models, campers, big rigs, and seasonal residents, there are many ways to stay when you start planning your trip to Sedona. But Munds Park RV Resort is more than just a place to stay! It’s an outdoor experience of off-road trails, heated pool, and tons of natural beauty.

So don’t forget to book your stay at Munds Park RV Resort and get ready to plan your visit.


Sedona Arizona

Nature in Sedona, Arizona

It’s no secret that Sedona, Arizona has a stunning desert landscape. The huge canyon walls tower over this small southwestern town like gentle red rock giants. The natural area is almost out of this world.

There are plenty of ways to experience the nature of Sedona. Tuck away in the tunnels of sandstone caves or touch the sky on top of sandstone arches, the terrain is yours to explore.

Devil’s Bridge Trailhead
This is one of the most well-known hikes in Sedona. Its picturesque natural land bridge is social media-worthy and is a popular spot for tourists from all over. Walk across a giant red rock arch and take in the beautiful landscape of desert sand and stone. This is a 3.9-mile out-and-back trail with awe-inspiring views along the way.

Crescent Moon Picnic Site
Enjoy your lunch under the mighty Cathedral Rock with a picnic at Crescent Moon Picnic Site. This photograph-worthy park is a great place to relax and take in the scenery. The waters of Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing are also a great place to swim, fish, wade, and soak in the warmth of the Arizona sunshine.

Munds Wagon Trail
This historic cattle trail leads to beautiful vista views. There are tons of different trails you can take that vary between moderate to strenuous. But no matter what experience you’re looking for, you are sure to get some incredible views either way.

Munds Mountain Wilderness
Known as a very spiritual area of auras and vortexes, this beautiful wilderness is a great place to reconnect to nature. Look up the towering canyon walls or climb them for a bird’s eye view of the vast valley landscape. Either way, you’re sure to have a magical experience.

Scenic Vistas
No matter if you’re looking for a challenging desert hike or a picturesque vista, there are so many opportunities to enjoy the stunning beauty of Sedona. Take some time to review the local area. You may even ask a local about all the secret spots like Seven Sacred Pools. The point is that Sedona, Arizona is beautiful, so go out there and enjoy it!

Things to do in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is a beautiful place, there’s no doubt. But it’s also a neat place to hang out and enjoy the local life. From museums and historical sites to restaurants and gift shops, it’s a great place to plan a day trip! Don’t forget to book your stay at Munds Park RV Resort for the perfect place to stay when you plan your day!

Bearcloud Art Gallery and Native Cultural Center
A beautiful gallery of Native art and artifacts. Take in the surreal magic of turquoise and stone treasures, wood carvings, paintings, and sculptures.

Heritage Museum
This is an old Sedona homestead turned heritage site with a unique look at what life was like in the 1930s. With events and kid’s activities, it’s a great place for the whole family.

Verde Valley Archaeology Center and Museum
There are so many beautiful artifacts in this museum. With ceramics and ancient meteorites, minerals, household goods, textiles, and trade ware, this museum is jam-packed with gems from the past. The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday and is just $10 for adults and $5 for seniors.

Restaurants and Wineries
Take a wine tour in the countryside or enjoy a brew at one of the local breweries. Mexican, New American, Organic, and Italian, indulge the senses in all the food and fare Sedona has to offer.

Ready for your trip to Sedona, Arizona?

It is known all around the U.S for its extensive beauty. The glowing red canyon walls make a perfect playground for those looking to explore the desert floor. Take in the local food or ask a local about hiking in the area. Stay cool in the Munds Park RV Resort pool or take advantage of their off-road trails and recreation amenities. No matter where your Sedona, Arizona adventure takes you, make sure to make Munds Park RV Resort your home away from home.


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